Nikki Xaysanasy

Front-End Web Developer

Who I Am

A quick overview of who I am and what I do

I found my new passion in Web Development when a good friend of mine introduced me to programming. I graduated with a B.A in Criminal Justice but working random jobs and came to the conclusion that I would never find anything that I would enjoy doing until programming came along. I fell in love with code and decided to take my new found knowledge and began my career as a Web Developer or a Software Engineer.

I'm enthusiastic about technology and programing. I'm always looking for the very best way to do my job, and as such keep a finger on the pulse of the industry. I like to work with like-minded individuals and work on building something new.

What I Work With

Technologies I'm most familiar with

Semantic markup
Cross-platform styling
JavaScript & jQuery
Interactive websites and applications
Single Page App Framework
Front-End Framework to build responsive websites
Content Management System
Linux & macOS
Mobile and web development
General Development
Version Control History

Personal Portfolio

The projects I've worked on in my own time

Your Angular List

A small Angular List that was built for my Front-End Class final and functions like a simple to do list and has a functioning weather portion using the OpenWeatherMap API.


A web rpg that was developed entirely in RPG Maker MV was released on December 15th, 2017 to showcase for local tech companies. It is a short rpg built to be finished under one hour and plays very similar to classic rpgs such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.

Codepen Projects

Here are some of my smaller projects or just test sites that I build on my free time. I also showcase my FreeCodeCamp projects that I built for the course.