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About Me

I been messing around on the Web for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I used websites like GeoCitis and Freewebs to build random DBZ fan sites and promotional pages for an RPG I tried making. I touched a bit of CSS during the Myspace days and that was the extent of my knowledge of Web Development at the time. I began my interest in the Web Development world in Wordpress in 2011. At the time, I didn't know people were already hard-coding websites and thought CMS were the way to go. It wasn't until earlier 2017 that a friend of mine who introduced me to the actual occupation of Web Development and fell in love. I began coding and learning the basics of Front-End Development. I took as much courses I can from udemy to udacity and then eventually taking the Front-End Course at the University of Arkansas. I'm planning on beginning my road to a Full-Stack JavaScript Developer in 2018.

As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a pro-gamer. I wanted to compete in the big leagues in the world of Esports. I like to write short stories and recently finished the first draft to my first novel. I'm also a musician that played concerts, released mixtapes as a rapper, and performed as a DJ at various events.

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Front-End Development

I'm most familiar with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. I'm also familiar with jQuery, SCSS, Nodejs, and PHP. My favorite frameworks and CMS to work with are Angular, Bootstrap, Bulma, and Wordpress.

I'm constantly learning new tech and languages whenever I can find time. One of the current frameworks I love learning is Angular and would love to be proficient in it. I follow blogs and listens to podcasts. I still take courses/videos across different platforms including udemy, Lynda, and many more.

I'm an aspiring Full-Stack Web Developer that loves to look at neatly organized code and work on different apps and websites.

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Cartuga is a short Web RPG built primarily in the RPG Maker MV Engine. I built the website using Bulma and the game is playable through the website. Deployed through Heroku.

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Fruit for Thought

Fruit for Thought is a mock business that specializes in selling fruits and seeds. The website was coded primarily in Bootstrap.

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Infinite-Cards is a Yu-Gi-Oh and Trading Card Game community. I help maintain the website and help work on the Wordpress CMS side of things.

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Angular Test App

I started learning the latest version of Angular and decided to build a simple login/signup Page to test the framework.

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