IT Professional // Developer // Retrocomputing Hobbyist

Who Am I

My name is Nikki Xaysanasy and I am originally from Arkansas. I decided to move to California to stay close to Silicon Valley and pursue a career as a Developer. I am familiar with many different technologies which I learned throughout my career both freelancing and through professional work. I am always constantly learning and trying to keep up with the current trends. In my free time, I am building small games, playing TCGs and watching soccer. My biggest dream is to create software for the MSX2 PC

Interests: Retro Programming (Assembly, Dream Maker (Byond), Basic, and VB6 ), Homelabbing, Spinning up random game servers, DJing, Reading, and Pokemon TCG


B.A in Criminal Justice - University of Arkansas 2014

Front-End Web Development Certificate - University of Arkansas Global Campus 2018

Cyber-Security Certificate - Calbright College 2024

CompTIA Security+


My Work

Here is a showcase of some random projects I worked on

Visit my Github or Blog to view more projects that I am working on or finished.