Nikki Xaysanasy

Aspiring Computer Scientist / Junior Software Engineer / Cyber Security Enthusiast

Los Angeles, California

Who Am I

My name is Nikki Xaysanasy and I was born and raised in the Natural State of Arkansas before relocating to the sunny city of Los Angeles, California. My Web Development journey started in late 2016 when a good friend of mine told me to stop using Wordpress and to "code your own website" from scratch. Relucant to learn, I was able to find inspiration by discovering what other Developers can do when building websites or web apps. I self-studied for 6 months before attending a Front-End Development Course at the University of Arkansas in the summer of 2017. I also like to make video games and watching tech blogs on Youtube. I graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice but I been too imtimidated by the hiring process to join the force and the FBI. So I figured, with my newly learned tech skills, I can find work in Cyber Security.

It's 2018 and my goal this year is to keep learning and always improving myself to become a Full-Stack Developer.


My Work


Sky Nite Digital

I founded Sky Nite Digital as a small team for my RPG games that I made with RPG Maker MV in 2016. Since then, I decided to turn it into a bigger project and began work on the next project. The website was built with Bootstrap.



Here is my Github page where you are able to view and check out projects that I have been working on.



My Codepen page is just a playground of test apps and websites before implementing them live. You can view here different projects I have done for FreeCodeCamp and class as well.


What I work with


Semantic Markup


Cross-platform styling


Interactive websites and applications


Mobile & Web Development


Content Mangement System


Version Control History


Object-Orientated Programming & Scripting Language

MySQL & SQLite

Database Mangement System


General Technical Skills