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Pavo by OMS Keeping tabs on your connections.

I designed the front-end portion of an upcoming App to supplement the current's company ERP Software. Pavo is a full-stack web app that is written to connect with OMS to many different services including WooCommerce and Shopify. The front-end design was built using React and the back-end is powered by Express and Nodejs. Some of the technologies that we are using is Stripe for Credit Card processing and Passport for user authentication. Follow the link to learn more about OMS and the upcoming App, Pavo.

Pavo by OMS

Shareful See for yourself.

Shareful is a Python app built using the Flask Framework while learning the language during my time at ZAM Network. It is a basic memo-pad style app that allows users to share their thoughts anonymously with no trouble. It's hosted on Heroku using SQLite as the Database. This is one of the first few projects I wrote while learning Python.

Shareful App

The Gaiuss Trilogy A Tale of Two Kingdoms

A series of RPGs that I began writing back in 2017 and released the first chapter for Demo Day for my Front-End bootcamp. I decided to write two more chapters and turned them into full-length game. The first game, Cartuga is out and is playable on any device. The games are being created in RPG Maker MV; a game-engine that allows JavaScript to be used. The second chapter is due to release late 2019 - early 2020. The current website is a hub for the games while the games well have their own site. The current site is built with Bootstraps

The Gaiuss Trilogy


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